Connie empowers other professional women... medical professionals in the South Bay who want to make financial progress and use their money to create better lives. 

“Most successful women have already achieved many goals, but they may lack confidence in their financial future,” she notes. “They may not have a written financial plan.” 

They may feel like they are living paycheck to paycheck, with anxieties about retirement savings, college costs, and their parents' health. Their assets may be vulnerable to excessive tax, and their financial documents may be disorganized and incomplete. 

“Often, they lack the time and financial ability to plan for themselves or their families - so opportunities and financial and investment options go unrecognized. I make sure they are noticed. 

“Basically, I'm a strategist - I help my clients brainstorm and think out of the box so they can have a new outlook financially.” 

Connie encourages her clients to crystallize a vision for their lives - to dream about where they want to be five, ten, or twenty years from now, and to plan incrementally to realize their dreams. 

This incremental planning can help to reduce ambiguity about the financial future. While many medical professionals recognize the need for a will, a health care directive, and a durable power of attorney, they often fail to recognize investment opportunities and tax advantages that can potentially help them compound their assets over time and gain ground financially. 

That's why Connie's financial care and vigilance are so important. She motivates her clients to become active financially, not in terms of day trading or stock picking, but simply in terms of making the long-range financial decisions that have the power to enhance their lives. 

Are you making those decisions? Do you know what simple financial decisions you can make today to promote wealth and happiness for your future? Ask. Call or e-mailConnie today and learn about the sensible, simple steps you can take towards a future with more financial freedom.