Connie meets you wherever you are in your journey towards financial freedom with flexible and tailored services.

Her clients' success stems not only from making each client comfortable with talking about finances, but with empowering them to make sound decisions. No matter where you are in life, there is a plan to help you.

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Investment Management

From your deepest, core values, to your daily goals — you're unique and how you manage your wealth is too. We know there's no one-size-fits-all template, which is why we take the time to get to know you and develop a flexible investment strategy that personalizes your opportunities and investment options according to your specific goals and objectives.

Retirement Planning

As the average life expectancy increases, so should the funds you set aside for retirement. We will get you on track for a comfortable and realistic retirement while preparing you for the next phase of your life, including strategies that adjust over time to fund your income requirements and lifestyle

Tax Strategies and Wealth Preservation

Rest easy each year knowing you have a smart and solid approach to your taxes in place. And for long-term? We'll set you up with central financial tactics of wealth building, capital preservation, and estate distribution. And ensure you minimize taxes during your earning years and strategize for more income during retirement.

Risk Management

Your financial plan is only as good as your strategy to protect it. We work tirelessly to identify and assess our clients' potential risk and eliminate unnecessary weaknesses. Without risk management, all the wealth planning in the world could still leave your family empty-handed.

Accumulation and Goal Funding

As you grow older and acquire more wealth, it's important to regularly assess your cash flow and how your money filters through your budget. From there you can set realistic financial goals — from paying off student loans to planning for retirement.

Merging Finances & Wealth Planning

Tying the knot, or making a large investment with your significant other? We'll help you combine your finances wisely while mapping out a clear path to your golden years. Whether you're buying a house or planning to grow your family, we'll support you as you look to the future.

Group Benefits and Small Business — Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

We know your company requires a competitive benefits package to recruit (and keep) qualified employees. That's why we're dedicated in understanding your business, your market and your values to design a plan that is most suitable for your business.