As healthcare professionals with demanding roles, patients put their trust in you. Your time is precious; it's easy to feel like you have too little time, and too much to tackle alone. That's why Connie can prove so valuable.  

Her role is to help you with your overall financial objectives, so you can make better decisions and take action. 

She takes a "big picture" approach. She starts by discovering what is most meaningful in your life, and what money means to you. Then she shares her insight and perspective, and uses all the resources available to her to "put it all together" and direct your investments and finances to serve your life goals.

Connie can help you discover
your financial potential.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER  professional, she can give you an objective look at your finances. She understands your financial dangers and helps you reduce your risk. Independent, fair and professional, she always works to assist you. 

Whether you love your work or want to retire or change careers, Connie develops a plan with you so you can avoid excessive tax burdens and have a predictable, consistent income stream when you retire. She listens keenly and awakens you to new opportunities. She shares with you the many financial and investment options available, making the transition more advantageous for you. 

It's time to stride forward financially - time to be confident about your future, time to live the great dreams you've had for years. It's time to meet Connie Horstkotte. Call or e-mailher for an appointment today.